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Birmingham, Alabama, July 30, 2014ROI Institute, Inc. has announced the publication of a new book “Measuring the Success of Learning Through Technology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Measuring Impact and ROI on E-Learning, Blended Learning, and Mobile Learning,” by Tamar Elkeles, Patricia Pulliam Phillips, and Jack J. Phillips. This new publication is a part of the “Measuring the Success” series of books produced and published by ASTD Press and edited by Patti Phillips and Jack Phillips. Other publications include “Measuring the Success of Sales Training,” “Measuring the Success of Organizational Development,” and “Measuring the Success of Coaching.”

Readers of the new publication will appreciate that the authors have provided two books in one. The first part of the book details how technology-based programs are evaluated at the business impact and the return on investment (ROI) levels. The second part of the book provides case studies as examples to how this has been accomplished.

This new publication comes at a critical time in the learning and development industry, where executives are more likely to turn to technology-based solutions in the face of ever-growing costs to conduct company-wide training initiatives. Technology-based solutions such as online learning, e-learning, blended learning, mobile learning, and game-based learning offer ease of use, low costs, and allow large numbers of people to participate in training without leaving their desks.

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) estimates that 40% of all learning delivery in organizations is technology-based learning. This amount represents about $50 billion per year. CLO Magazine reports that for the first time, chief learning officers will deliver more training with e-learning than traditional classroom-based instruction, while mobile and social learning will also be a large and growing part of the learning delivery mix.

“Technology-based learning is an exciting trend for our industry,” explains Patti Phillips, president and CEO of ROI Institute, Inc. “We realize the importance of these initiatives in this ever-changing industry. At the same time, it’s important to see what’s working. When it comes to accountability, technology-based learning is no different than any other type of learning. In a study with ATD, 96% of top executives want to see this learning investment connected to the business, while 74% want to see the financial ROI of the learning, at least for major projects.”

This new book recognizes that results aren’t always clear for technology-based initiatives. While many professionals marvel at the fact that e-learning programs are cost-effective, there is a larger-scale attempt to pinpoint the exact business impact. ROI Institute studies have shown that technology-based learning has fewer positive results at the application and impact levels when compared to facilitator-led learning. It does not have to be this way. The book shows the need to measure technology-based learning at these levels and provides details for designers and developers to drive application and impact. The ROI Methodology is a step-by-step process that captures six types of data, including financial ROI. The data is captured using logical, sequential processes.

“While executives see the convenience of technology-based solutions, they still demand to know the impact and that’s where the ROI Methodology can really help,” said Jack Phillips, chairman of ROI Institute. “Now is a critical time in the industry to be showing the value of new technology. The good news is that progressive learning departments know this need, and are accomplishing it already. We hope that this book will assist more learning professionals to show the value as well.”
Copies of the book may by purchased directly from the publisher, ASTD Press, amazon.com, or wherever quality books are sold. Copies are also available at ROI Institute. For more information, contact ROI Institute at www.roiinstitute.net.


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