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  • Six Good Reasons to Write a Business Book

    Jack and Patti Phillips, organizers of the Second Annual Business Writers Conference, share a few of the benefits that come along with the process of writing a book…and the cachet of being a published author.   It really gets you focused on what makes you unique. Sometimes people truly aren’t clear on their differentiator until […]

  • Ready for a Giant Leap Forward in Your Career? Write a Book!

      A business book yields instant credibility and gives your brand a huge boost. And if you think you’re too busy to write one, you’re wrong. Jack and Patti Phillips, organizers of the Second Annual Business Writers Conference, debunk a few objections that keep people from taking this potentially lucrative career move.   Birmingham, AL […]

  • Eight Top Secrets of Business Book Marketing (a Cheat Sheet for First-Time Authors)

    Birmingham, AL (March 2017)—You probably know writing a business book will give your brand—and your career—a huge boost. Yet for most first-time authors, it’s a daunting undertaking. And here’s a bigger problem: Once the book rolls off the presses, you don’t get to relax with a glass of celebratory champagne and just admire its glossy […]

  • The Promising State of Human Capital Analytics

    Study: Nearly 70%of Executive Teams Use Workforce Analytics New  ROI Institute and i4cp research shows that top companies are increasing their use of analytics for strategic workforce planning and to predict retention, engagement, and productivity Birmingham, Alabama– June 23, 2016 – Business leaders in high-performance organizations are increasingly relying on people analytics to help drive […]

  • Engagement Book Published

    Measuring the Success of Employee Engagement Birmingham, AL, May, 2016– A new book, Measuring the Success of Employee Engagement: A Step-by-Step Guide for Measuring Impact and Calculating ROI, has been published and released by the Association for Talent Management (ATD). Authored by Patti P. Phillips, CEO of ROI Institute, Rebecca Ray, Executive Vice-President of  The […]


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Interview with Patti Phillips by ROI Navigator


Patti Phillips speaking at the ASTD Conference on the Return on Investment Models for Training.


Knowledge Advisors: 2013 Analytics Symposium Panel: Investments in Strategic Programs and Their Measurement Challenges.


Building Capability and Expertise with ROI Implementation,” by Jack Phillips


Jack Phillips keynote at 2010 annual Chapter Leaders Conference, ASTD, Arlington VA. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5.