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Globally recognized ROI experts Jack and Patti Phillips have contributed to the publication over 75 books related to program evaluation and business development. For other resources, visit our Free Tools section.

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  • 10 Steps to Successful Business Alignment


    This book covers the full spectrum of issues related to alignment, including planning the alignment with clients; determining payoff, business, performance, and preference needs; addressing high-level objectives; measuring impact; reporting the results of the alignment; and more.

  • Application Guide


    A step-by-step guide for developing ROI impact studies for programs, projects, and solutions in the many areas.

  • Beyond Learning Objectives


    Beyond Learning Objectives expands the classic components of learning objectives from three to six parts: project scope, the four levels of learning (training evaluation, reaction, learning, behavior), results, and the Phillips ROI. With this book, readers will be able to write specific and meaningful learning objectives that address all six components. 

  • High-Impact Human Capital Strategy


    Traditionally, human resources has focused on recruiting good people, preparing them for assignments, motivating them to perform, and retaining them. These functions remain essential, but to be successful in turbulent times like ours, human capital strategy needs to be broader and much more far-reaching. High-Impact Human Capital Strategy examines 12 critical forces that must be considered: globalization, changes in workforce demographics, skill shortages and mismatches in labor markets, environmental matters, and more.

  • How to Build a Successful Consulting Practice


    Are you familiar with the biggest consulting myths? Do you know the 12 success factors for consultants? Have you ever owned your own business before? How to Build a Successful Consulting Practice has all these answers and more-distilled by consulting guru Jack Phillips from years spent researching and reviewing successful firms that are still in business today.

  • Making Human Capital Analytics Work


    This book is the ideal guide for anyone involved directly or indirectly with HR, including:HR Executives, Project Funders, Analytics Practitioners, Business Managers, and Consultants.

  • Maximizing the Value of Consulting


    By consistently delivering and maximizing value for clients, professional consultants have become an integral and permanent part of organizational landscapes. Maximizing the Value of Consulting offers internal and external consultants an essential resource for managing, measuring, and delivering consistent results that are valued by their clients. Sponsored by the ROI Institute and the Association of Internal Management Consultants, and written by a team of experts, this important guide provides a roadmap for consultants who must deliver promised results when operating in today's fast-paced and ever-changing global environment. Comprehensive in scope, the text shows how to use resources properly and manage an investment efficiently, connect successfully to the business, secure appropriate levels of commitment, and ensure adequate levels of support.

  • Measuring for Success


    Measuring for Success reveals in detail the true perspectives and needs of Fortune 500 CEOs, as gleaned from interview, briefings, and an in-depth survey. In addition, this book delivers the essential strategy and structure to creating an improved, hard-data-driven measuring system.