• Who We Are

    ROI Institute is a consulting firm that travels the world implementing the ROI Methodology into organizations. The team consists of top-minds in the fields of Human Resources, Human Capital Analytics, Marketing & Events, Coaching, Healthcare, etc.

  • What We Do

    Looking to grow your capabilities? We host workshops all over the world to certify professionals in ROI. Get CRP certified today! Look at the Event Calendar for dates and locations.

  • Who We’ve Worked With

    We’ve had the pleasure to work with Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, nonprofits, healthcare companies, and non-government organizations. We can implement the ROI Methodology into any size or type of company.

  • ROI Methodology

    What is it? Why use it?

    • Systematic approach to evaluating all types of programs and projects

    • Captures six types of data from reaction to ROI

    • Credible and scalable process

    • Most widely used evaluation system, with global adoption

  • An Interview with Patti Phillips, Ph.D., President, and CEO of ROI Institute


  •      Five Levels of Evaluation
         Level 1  Reaction and Planned Action
         Level 2  Learning
         Level 3  Application and Implementation
         Level 4  Impact (Tangibles and Intangibles)
         Level 5  Return on Investment

  • Key Benefits
    1.  Improve Projects
    2.  Demonstrate Value
    3.  Secure Funding
    4.  Forecast ROI
    5.  Align with Business


The ROI Methodology is a scalable and systematic approach to program evaluation. Using a process model, five-level framework and operating standards to capture performance metrics from simple satisfaction scores to financial impact; the methodology enables you to collect appropriate data to report performance of a variety of initiatives and program types. The ROI Methodology generates both qualitative and quantitative data and provides techniques to isolate the effects of the program from other influences – resulting in credible metrics and ROI reports accepted by financial executives and stakeholders.

With over 5,000 organizations using this process, the ROI Methodology is the most used and implemented evaluation system in the world. The ROI Methodology not only provides the capability to evaluate program performance, but also improves the design of programs for optimal impact. A focused, proven and practical approach – the process is grounded in conservative standards and a cost effective approach to evaluation.

Our Core Competencies

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • “There is no more important measure than business impact, yet many business professionals I encounter struggle with how to align their projects to business objectives. Jack and Patti Phillips not only use their years of experience in measuring impact, but also their vast network of contacts to arrive at 10 easy steps anyone can follow.”

    Kevin OakesCEO, Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)
  • “Jack and Patti Phillips unravel the mystery of measurement by presenting a balanced set of measures that show the full impact of programs, including bottom-line measures such as business impact and ROI.”

    Stephen R. CoveyAuthor of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
  • “Clearly the Phillips are the established experts, and they offer tested, step-by-step ways to succeed and gain the necessary organizational support for learning. Just to underscore the importance that a number of us at Capella University place in the Phillips’ work, we are proud to use their methods and tools in our courses to allow our learners to obtain ROI certification as part of our masters and doctoral programs in Training and Performance Improvement. I recommend this program to anyone interested in proving the value of learning.”

    Michael J. OffermanPresident, Emeritus Capella University
  • “In a tough economy, being able to prove HR’s value in real dollars and cents is critical to keeping our seat at the table and getting precious budget dollars. Jack and Patti present one of the most powerful tools in any HR professional’s toolkit in a straightforward, useable, and insightful way. Their common sense, step-by-step approach allows professionals of all skill levels and backgrounds to begin to realize and demonstrate HR’s role as a revenue enhancing organization!”

    Jim Black, MBA, MBL, SPHRDirector, Human Resources T-Mobile, USA